Q. Where do you manufacture your tubing?

A. All tubes are made right here in the UK, at our facility in the West Midlands. We do all of the manufacturing ourselves to guarantee we deliver the highest quality products we can. Nothing is ever outsourced.

Q. What sectors are the tubes used in?

A. Our products are immensely versatile. They are used regularly in a number of sectors including automotive, heating and construction. We are always happy to take on a new challenge and manufacture products for new markets, especially if our clients have an original project.

Q. Do you hold stock tubes?

A. Yes, we have a wide selection of standard sized tubing on offer ready for cutting to size and dispatch. With these products the lead times are lower than they are with bespoke pieces that need to be made from scratch.

Q. Is bespoke tubing available?

A. Yes, we are always happy to cater for unique orders and provide both large and small sized tubing. We can cater for all non-standard sizes and industrial requirements. We welcome orders for prototype products and will save designs in case customers need a larger batch in the future.

Q. How do I decide which material is best for my tubing?

A. We can produce tubing from a range of materials and are always happy to advise our customers on which we feel is best for their needs. If a consultation is required we can discuss the characteristics of each material with you.

Q. What shapes are tubes available in?

A. Tubes can be made in a range of shapes including both standard circular and square. If you need oval, rectangular or an unusual shape we would be happy to attempt it for you.

Q. Can tubes be manipulated?

A. Yes, all of our products can be bent, expanded or reduced depending on your needs. We have the skills and experience to produce the best finish every time regardless of the shape you need. Modern techniques let us produce tubing with tight bends and curves when necessary.