silverPipes2We specialise in every aspect of tube manipulation and bending, offering the widest range of services to clients from many sectors. Our extensive experience ensures that we can produce accurate results for every task, no matter how challenging. We have a wealth of experience in the delivery of manipulated and bent tubes, and our highly skilled and trained team make use of the latest state of the art manipulation machinery in order to produce outstanding results on each and every task.

When it comes to manufacturing, industry and other sectors which make use of metal tubes, accuracy is extremely important. Our customers recognise our ability to deliver products that meet precise specifications. We manufacture products for many areas of industry from fabrication, furniture, shop fittings and construction to medical, heating, automotive and transport. A number of strong, durable and hardwearing materials are available for your tubing, including brass, aluminium, hydraulic tube, stainless steel, copper, titanium, food grade stainless steel and mild steel. There are over 200 shapes and sizes of tube, and with our manipulation services, you can always be certain of getting tubes which are an exact match for your needs.

From tube reduction, swaging and bending to expansion, ring rolling and drilling we are the outfit to entrust your every manipulation need to. Although we can alter the shape, size and angle of your tubing, you can be certain that the strength of the tube will never be compromised.

Our client base has grown over many years and we are proud to have many loyal customers that return to us time and time again. We know the value of efficiency and reliability as well as quality work, which is why we offer fast delivery times, particularly when you go for a product from our stock of readily-available tubes. When you are working with us, you’ll never have to worry about an important project being delayed because you don’t have the right kind of tubing. We make sure the schedules of our customers are met and we ensure delivery of fully functional components at cost-effective prices.

In addition to our catalogue of tube manipulation services, we offer welded fabrication of structural components to serve all bespoke purposes. We are based in the West Midlands and we can successfully meet the needs of UK industry with the swift supply of hard wearing, high quality tubes.